Personal Print

Further functions for your ineo systems


The convenience of pull printing

It is a well known situation in many offices: you send a document off to be printed and then discover that aPersonal Print Contentbild.jpg colleague is already printing a 200-page manual on the same device. What can you do except wait or send the document to a different printer? Which either you choose wastes time waiting or wastes paper by printing the job on a different device.

The freedom to print when you want is particularly important in office environments with multi-user print systems. That is where efficient printing capabilities become critical. Of course, there are numerous solutions to the problem on the market. All provide a so-called pull printing function, but it is frequently sold with a bundle of other functions. If all you need is pull printing only, Personal Print from DEVELOP is the ideal solution. It is a simple, easy-to-use and cost-efficient pull printing solution for multi-user printing environments. This way you enjoy all the benefits of a personal desktop printer from a powerful departmental device.

What makes Personal Print so special?

Personal Print, a small application for secure and efficient document output management, makes pull printing possible from a Windows environment. In other words, you get your jobs printed on any Personal Print-enabled system – at your convenience. This flexibility gives you the functionality of a
personal printer while profiting from the cost-efficient page prices of shared multifunctional systems.

Personal Print – the ideal solution for cost-sensitive, document-intensive offices that don’t want to cut
back on user convenience. Personal Print means that print jobs are not printed immediately on a specific printer where everybody has access to the printouts, but are first stored on a central print server. That gives you a flexible choice of the printing system you actually want to print your job on. To collect your print job, all you have to do is au thenticate yourself at the Personal Print-enabled system of your choice. You are then provided with your own print job list via Windows Active Directory. Thumbnails help you get a quick overview of the contents and for more detailed information you can even view the entire job. Personal Print also enables you to choose between a single print job or multiple print jobs.

The bottom line for the business is that Personal Print avoids the wastage caused by print jobs sent twice since such jobs can easily be deleted from the´print job list. There is also a clear security bonus because no printout is released before you have given your approval at the printer of your choice.

Benefits at a glance

  • Convenient pull and secure printing from any Personal Print enabled printing system in a network
  • Ease of use: server-based software for simple installation and administration and limited functionality to ensure easy operation by users
  • Reduction in wasted paper and misprints since print jobs can be deleted from a job list
  • Great print flexibility in document production on any Personal Print-enabled system
  • Optimisation of printing fleet through systems that can double as personal printers