Personal Copy

The convenience of pull printing


Efficient use of monochrome MFPs

Many departments in the majority of businesses prefer using monochrome printing systems for their office document production. Users particularly appreciate the reliability and durability of these products and the attractive page prices. However, even in those environments there is sometimes a demand for colour copies. But does such a seldom used function really mean that you have to go for a colour MFP or have to accept workarounds and detours via a PC?

If there was a demand on doing a colour copy in the past, the document had to be scanned on a colour scanner, the scan had to be opened at the desktop pc and afterwards printed on a colour printer available in the network. With DEVELOP´s Personal Copy this time consuming detour via the PC is no longer required as scans can directly be forwarded to a colour printer in the network.


Personal Copy is able to directly forward documents scanned on a DEVELOP B/W MFP with colour scanning capabilities to a colour printer. Documents are printed either immediately or after entering a 4 digits pincode at the colour printer. The print settings like number of copies, choice of a specific paper cassette, simplex/duplex print and scan can be done at the MFP´s display. As convenient as doing the print settings the user simply selects the colour printer directly at the MFP´s display.

Benefits at a glance

A lot of manual steps can be avoided. There is no need to use a PC within this workflow anymore. The user only has to choose his “scan target” at the MFP and eventually change the scan settings.

Personal Copy allows an efficient use of the complete system fleet and is the ideal solution for environments with mostly monochrome systems and hardly no need for colour copies. It allows efficient printing as no colour MFP has to be in use to satisfy customer’s sporadic demands for colour output.