Personal Message

Personal Message Pic.jpgPersonal Message enables display of flash videos on the MFP´s web browser whenever the system is not operating. As soon as the system goes into auto reset, the customised screensaver content appears and thus Personal Message offers an easy way to personalise the MFP.


Individual communication via screensaver contents

Personal Message offers the opportunity to display flash video screensavers on the MFP. There are different possibilities how to upload these videos on the MFP. At first MFPs can be searched for either automatically or they can be added manually to the MFP list. In the next step the user has to choose where to store the flash videos. The flash videos can be stored on the MFP´s hard disk drive to minimize the network traffic. Or they can be streamed to the MFP from an external server. This ensures easy updating of large fleets and is also recommended when screensavers are changed very often.

Benefits at a glance

Personal Message allows individualisation and personalisation of the MFP’s display by displaying individual screensavers. Individually designed screensavers offer a lot of opportunities.

For example,

  • Display of corporate messages
  • Explanation of special MFP functions (how to authenticate, access etc.)
  • Information about support possibilities (whom to contact if something does not work)
  • Advertisements (display special offers or products)
  • Spread of internal messages (christmas party, summer festival, runners’ point or other sport activities)

The simple and intuitive user interface allows to upload, exchange or delete screensavers with only a few clicks. As a result extensive network traffic while uploading the flash files can be minimized. On the other hand streaming allows to update screensavers of many MFPs’ at one time.