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WiFi Direct

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Compatible MFPs create their own Wi-Fi network without the need for a third party access point (router), enabling users to print using the device of their choice.

For a direct pairing between mobile terminal and printing system.


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User Interface

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A3 colour

  • ineo+ 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e

A3 black & white

  • ineo 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e

A4 colour

  • ineo+ 3850/3850FS/3350
  • ineo+ 3110/3100P

A4 black & white

  • ineo 4050/4750

Necessary options
- UK-208 (A3 model), NC-P03 (A4 model), MK-P06(3850FS/3850/3350), MK-P07 (3110/3100P)

- It may be necessary to update the device firmware. Contact your DEVELOP service provider for details.
- Up to five mobile terminals can be connected at one time.

Supported OS

Mobile devices supporting WiFi Direct